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Flipside Pillow

"In all things, be the person who brings the joy." ~Brendon Burchard

When I was six years old, Dr. Oden'hal told me I had to have my tonsils out. At first I was excited. When he told me about the operation, he mostly focused on the ice cream and the presents! But, the morning of my surgery I was scared to death. This was a simple operation. I can't imagine how I would have felt if I had been really sick.

In the midst of my panic and my fear, my Mom gave me a pillowcase. She had simply taken an old pillowcase and a permanent marker and written, "We love you." and she signed it, MOM and my sister's names. This act of kindness changed my life.

Years later, I founded Flipside Pillow, LLC. At Flipside, we design fabric with whimsical artwork and uplifting messages, then have that fabric cut and sewn into pillowcases. Our pillowcases come with an attached permanent marker, so you can write your own message or have your friends sign it like a cast! A Flipside Pillowcase, tells your loved one that they are awesome and you love them, every time they lay down their head to sleep.

Flipside pillowcases are marketed primarily to hospital gift shops but you will begin to find them in airports gift shops and many other locations.

I want everyone to feel loved and supported. Some times when things get challenging you just need to rest, rally and repeat! I make the pillowcase designs with anything that speaks to me. I use water colors, markers, stamps and colored pencils. After I get my design on paper, I send it to Maddie.

Maddie a 4th year design student at UCLA, takes my artwork and turns it into a vector image. Vector images are able to be enlarged or made smaller without distortion. These images are what we send to the fabric manufacturer so they can work their magic!

The last step in the design process is choosing the "flipside" fabric and the ribbon. I have a soft spot for ribbon! It is the icing on the cake!

I am an enCOURAGEr. Flipside is a whimsical line of single pillow cases to be sold in gift shops. Our pillowcases are made with fabric, we design, which is filled with happy images and encouraging words. Our intention is to offer gifts that continuously tell the recipient that they are amazing and they are loved. These warriors are a gift to the world. Whether is it a child hospitalized with cancer, a recovering athlete or just a friend who needs to be reminded, they are strong and courageous, Flipside brings the joy!

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