A Trip Around the Sun

Posted on September 01 2018

It’s my birthday! I don’t get as excited about the cake as I did when I was a kid! What excites me, is the opportunity to reflect on the past year. This year was filled with growth and change for me. I experienced a huge emotional shift! I left worry behind. I had a reckoning with fear. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Fear can come along for the ride, but it can’t drive!” Fear is a thief! It steals the joy of the present moment and the present moment is all we have. At 56, I have decided to live ALL of my present moments!

I am an Entrepreneur, which by definition is a path of unknowns. But what I have learned, is everyday is an unknown of ALL of us. No matter what our path, we only think we have it figured out. We are born in one day and we die in one day. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a fancy pair of eye glasses that show me the future. But, I do have a God, a Creator, the Universe that has my back. I am a Believer and as a Believer I have the freedom to pursue my highest self. I have permission to choose a path that will make a positive  impact on the world.

Just the other day, someone asked me what I feel is my greatest gift. Easy. I am an Encourager. Why do I make pillowcases and design fabric with positive messages? Easy. I am an Encourager. 

What is your gift? Are you sharing it with the world? I suggest, no, I encourage you to put it out there. this is the moment we have. Waiting for the right time is sketchy! You will second guess yourself till the cows come home!

When is comes to Flipside Pillow, I have a notebook full of ideas. I could have waited until I was convinced every last thing is perfect. I would wait forever. If I could begin again, I would make some changes, do something differently. But, I know for sure, I would begin.


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